Monday, October 22, 2007

What Will We Do?

What are your dreams? We spent some time with friends a few months ago and a great conversation started about our life dreams. We began sharing things that we would love to do during our time on earth. Some big, some little, some fun, some more serious, some significant and world changing, some pointless.

It made me curious what other people's dreams are. What are yours?

Here are a few of mine just to get you thinking.

1. learn to play an instrument.
2. live for a period of time outside the US.
3. go skydiving.
4. run a half marathon. (plan to accomplish this one November 17th)
5. create or invent something.

I started thinking about this again after Lana and I went to a conference in Atlanta with some friends recently. The things I listed above are pretty selfish in nature. Not much on that list that impacts other people for the Kingdom. But shouldn't are dreams, goals and desires add value to the world? I think so....

Anyway, at this conference they make a point of highlighting men and women from around the world who have dreamed big dreams for the Lord and are doing things to bless others because of it. People who are ordinary in many ways

Here are a few people they highlighted.....
Tom's Shoes
Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Rwanda Clean Water

Pretty neat stuff and it all got me thinking ....What will we do? Let's start dreaming...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awake the Sleeping Giant

After I ridiculously long hiatus from the blogging world I join once again with the mighty chorus of voices posting their thoughts for all the world to read with this video. It speaks to me in several ways.........