Monday, November 5, 2007

Life is Good

I have got to be one of the world's worst at forgetting to take pictures. I am always missing an opportunity to catch something eventful on the video camera or forgetting the camera altogether. Recently, however, I have made a renewed effort to improve in this area of my life. I think it was the fact that I would like to have at least a few pictures of my children when I'm older. Or maybe it was that I would like to be able to send my parents an occasional email with a picture of two of the grandchildren. Either way, I love looking at my kids. It really is amazing that so much love can exist for two people. The first few are from our trip to Sea World/Visit our friends Caleb and Carie and their son Colten. Drew and Allie loved being with Colten almost as much as Shamu.

The next few are from Halloween. Baseball Player and Yellow Flower. Too fun!