Thursday, May 24, 2007

On My Mind............

Here are some things that are on my mind......

Houston just got an FM ESPN radio station. I love my daily dose of The Dan Patrick Show. Even if I get only a few minutes it is always great. In my mind there is not a better overall personality in sports. Great Interviewer and very funny.

Pregnancy Care Center
We've had several meetings now (see previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about) and are in the process of looking at mission and vision statements for the center and developing goals.

The beauty of this entire strategic planning team is the group of extremely qualified individuals that run the center are allowing everything (even things that aren't broken or needing to be fixed) to be critiqued and examined.

Just a thought....what if all of us and the organizations, churches, companies that we pour our lives into allowed this to happen?

I once had a mentor tell me there is nothing to fear about evaluation. In fact, we should embrace them as a way to allow other voices to be spoken into our lives and situations. This mentor loved to evaluate everything to a fault. He rubbed off on me, because I am constantly evaluating LIFE.

Shouldn't we always do this, in order to effectively use the time we have on earth? Can you do it too much?

Summer Is Here
Summer is always an amazing time. Our interns are starting this weekend and I am excited about their partnership with our youth ministry this summer. We have all the standard things planned: mission trip, camps, service projects, some fun stuff. I am currentlt trying to think about what youth ministry would be without all the busyness of summer.

Somewhere we got the idea that being gone to many different camps and mission trips somehow equaled changed lives. There is no denying that lives have definitely been changed over the years. But, have teens become so dependent on summer that they flounder during the year? Where did we get the idea that we had to have something going on 6 weeks out of the summer? Wouldn't two or three quality things be sufficient? I have no answers....just asking questions.

Our home has been filled with great conversation the last couple of days. A question I am asking is, "Why do we pray?" Not a new question. Just one I'm thinking about.

For the few readers out there. Sorry for the massive drought. I would love to say it will get better in the summer. We'll see.