Monday, December 31, 2007

My Wife and Kids

Well.....Aaron Daniel Page arrived into the world on Friday, December 21st at 1:31pm. He was 7lbs 14oz and even had a little fat on him.

Lana and Aaron are doing well. Drew and Allie are adjusting and love their new baby brother. Drew and Allie and I made an arrangement that Drew changes the poopy diapers and Allie changes the wet ones. They agreed to it, however, to date I have been unable to hold them to their word.

Enjoy the pics!

This was a cool moment. Drew and Allie were squeezing and kissing him. They loved him instantly! It was a highlight of the day!!

Our BIG Boy and our Little Boy!

I'm A BIG Sister!

God is good. We are richly blessed!
Doug's Parents (Pop and Nana) Aaron Daniel got half his name from me and half from my Dad.
Eat,Sleep,Poop......Life is Good!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Is So Difficult About Reflection?

"Those who listen to the word but do not do what it says are like people who look at their faces in a mirror and, after looking at themselves, go away and immediately forget what they look like."
James 1:23-24

I often feel guilty about not keeping this blog up to date. The whole reason I entered the blogging world was to be more diligent in my attempt to be reflective about my life, my pursuit of Jesus and the things going on around me. I love reading the thoughts on other blogs but taking time to process your own is a more difficult task.

It makes me appreciate people who can come up with fresh thoughts 5-6 times per week for a blog. Some preachers have difficulty coming up with one fresh thought every week. Others seem to be a fountain of never-ending wisdom. These people display an ability that I wish a had in greater measure. The ability to reflect. I feel confident that it is a learned ability and therefore I am hopeful about developing this ability in my own life.

I think many of us do have passing thoughts but those thoughts never cause us to pause long enough for them to be anything more than just.....passing thoughts.
We have these thoughts about life, love, kids, jobs, church, ministry, sports, hobbies, our "to-do" lists but never stop long enough to allow ourselves to process them in an intentional way.

For me there is a great difference between these passing thoughts and reflection. The primary difference being that reflection causes a person to take whatever it is they are thinking about and question it, poke at it, analiyze it, and determine whether or not a change needs to take place.

Here are a few questions to consider:
What makes it hard to reflect?
What role does reflection play in shaping us?
What steps can we take to practice reflection?

Coming Soon......My End of the Year Reflection!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby Boy

Please be in prayer for Lana (and me) as Aaron Daniel Page arrives this week. Unless he decides to come early he'll be here on Friday morning.

Pray also for Drew and Allie. They are excited as much as they understand whats going on, but I know they don't comprehend how much life is going to change for them. Being twins and with teenagers always around our family it as created lots of attention over the last 3 years. So...this may be a big shock...having to share that with someone else.

Allie is always kissing Lana's tummy and talking to Aaron but Drew knows that Aaron is a boy and I sense that he is taking it a little differently than Allie.

I'll try to update here and through email once he arrives!