Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And So It Begins......

Well.... After attempting to put this off for almost a year now I am finally diving into the world of blogging. I am doing this not because I assume that people want to know what I think but mainly as a place for me to put my thoughts. A place to discuss things that are on my mind with people who may be thinking similar things.

I have also grown increasingly convinced of the value and necessity for me to express things that may be rolling around in my head that never get the chance to come out. I know everyone processes in different ways and I think that the truth is none of us probably process enough.

Think about this: how often do we actually sit and think about the day's events at the end of the day. For me the answer is rarely. I stay busy with my "To Do" list and going from this conversation to the next that often do not slow down enough to think about how things that happen throughout the day affect me.

I need a place where my thoughts and my heart can intersect even if it is just for a few minutes. I place where my thoughts on God, faith, Jesus, My Family, ministry, hobbies, etc, can be expressed. I am hoping that this can be that place. I look forward to the journey that this online journal will take me on and welcome anyone who may want to walk with me as I enter this new pursuit. Ultimately, I want this to be a tool that helps me pursue the life that Jesus calls alll believers to. This life is found in him and him alone and is a life that he promises if we seek we will find. This is a small part of my attempt at learning what it means to "have life, and have it to the full." Welcome to my journey.

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