Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Greatest Blessing

Last Night I received the greatest blessing possible from the senior class in our youth group. Each LifeGroup (our small groups) was asked to do a service project during the Fall semester. Nothing is to be taken from the other LifeGroups because they all did an outstanding job as well. However, the senior class chose to surprise Lana and I with dinner at The Junction, a cool restaurant here in Huntsville. Check out there website and menu here.
The building is an old Plantation home and the floor creaks when you walk through it. For those not in Huntsville-you need to check it out if you ever come through town.
A lot of planning went into the surprise. It turns out that I ask a lot of questions and was making it quite difficult for the whole thing to be pulled off. Phone calls were made, Lana got involved and as difficult as I was I walked into the room and had NO idea! We sat down, enjoyed a great meal and conversation. Several students told stories and they all contributed to a book they gave as a gift. It contained letters from each senior and was creatively decorated by Kinsey Logan.

As I reflect on this senior class it doesn't seem possible that they will graduate in May. When we came to Huntsville they were finishing their 7th grade year. They have been a blessing to my life. Above all, I am excited to see the ways that they are growing deeper into relationship with Jesus as they pursue him.
The greatest part, in my mind of the entire evening was that a group of students took their own time and money and did something for Lana and I. For them to stop and acknowledge me in this way was the greatest blessing they could have given. The letters were sincere and heartfelt and I will cherish them as the years go on. I often wonder if any difference is being made in the lives of students I minister to. Last night gave me a glimpse of lives being influenced, with God's power, and taught me much about the value of relationships. I value student ministry and am thankful to have the greatest job in the world. I may not think this tomorrow, but today I will bask in it.

words seem insufficient as I type this. Please receive it as my way of saying, "THANKS."
Every May, we have a special day to bless the seniors. This year it turns out that they turned the tables and gave the blessing. Thank You.


lindsey said...
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lindsey said...

doug i can tell you that you are making a difference in my life.. often times i wonder if you are speaking directly to me when you are teaching a lesson.. i didn't get to say anything at the dinner cuz i had to leave earlier and i am sorry.. you and lana both are amazing people, and have had a very big impact on my life.. i can't thank you enough for everything that you have done!

Doug Page said...

Thanks so much Lindsey. You are a special part of our family and we love you too! We look forward to the opportunity of continuing to watch you grow when you go to SHSU! (But I am not ready to send you off yet! We have another church to build in Mexico!)

Love ya.

krister said...

I am encouraged by this post, Doug. Thanks for sharing. The thing about hospitality that we often miss is the necessity for reciprocity; we must be willing to offer and receive welcome graciously, and I think you've proven your proficiency at this. Maybe we need to hit up The Junction when we come through town later this month. :) Hope you're having a good week.