Friday, February 9, 2007

New York New York

After much deliberation Lana and I have decided to go to New York City for our 5 year anniversary in March.

For my 3 friends that read this please give me any and every piece of information you have about NYC. What should we do? There is so much to do how do we know where to spend our time? Places to stay? Restaurants?

We love to travel and are looking forward to doing something a little bit bigger for our 5 year. We seriously have talked about so many places I think both of us are happy to have decided.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug! Since the Drill Team recently returned from NYC, I am very well versed. ha. Make sure to go to a broadway show--they are amazing(and my favorite part)! Also, if you want to see the sites really well(and if its not terribly cold) take one of those double-decker buses, they go all around the city and you can get on and off. Oh! This time to NYC I was able to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it is WOW! Unless you and Lana are too big on art, I recommend that as well. I hope that helps. See you tonight!


krister said...

I'm composing an e-mail to you, so sit tight. I'll try to give you a good list of things and web-sites that I think are helpful. Congrats on 5 years!

Larissa Smith said...

Breakfast at H&H Bagels; I recommend the Everything, but it's for the stout-hearted. Actually you can go for any meal, the bagels are huge!

There was a Chinese food place in Time's Square that was good, but I don't remember the name.

Broadway show - they're better when you're actually ON Broadway. The Blue Man Group is supposed to be amazing.

Kyle would say to go to a Yankee's game, because they'll be tearing down the current stadium for a new one in the next year. Not that we like the Yankees; it's a historical recommendation.

For random wandering, Soho is fun. There are lots of shops where you can get the I heart NY shirts, and street vendors with interest doodads.

Kyle Smith said...

That's my girl. We are NOT Yankees fans, but who could pass up the House that Ruth built in its last year of use?

T. Scott Allen said...

stay close to central park. this way, you have great access to those things. You can take a cab ride or the sub broadway or downtown and it doesn't take long. But staying close to central park would be ideal. We decided that we wanted to go back and spend more time there in the park.