Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Journey Begins

We "officially" began our journey yesterday with the Kaufman Church of Christ. I say officially because we moved on August 1st but have spent the last two weeks unpacking boxes and enjoying some vacation time with Lana's family. Kyle and Larissa came in from Peru and we had a great week.

It has been quite a process as we wrestled with the decision to leave Huntsville, came to the decision to leave and now are settling in here in Kaufman. I've wanted to get back into the blogging world and figured now is a good time to start trying to re-establish the discipline of writing. I imagine it will still be sporadic for a while as I learn routines here in Kaufman and establish some rhythms with my schedule.

Moving has been a new experience for Lana and I. As we came to the decision to leave one ministry and begin a new one it occurred to us that moving was something that we had not done much in our lives. We basically both grew up in the same homes our entire lives and moved only at those moments when I person has to move. We moved after high school graduation and after graduating from ACU and other than a short time in Ft. Worth have lived in Huntsville ever since.
Even with everything being new, we are extremely excited about God bringing us here and believe that great things are in store for the future. Over the next couple of posts I'd like to try and share some of the process that led us to the decision and the ways we saw God working throughout.

In the meantime I'll share a song that has spoken to our hearts quite a bit recently. It's a new song by Nichole Nordeman and Amy Grant and is a part of a larger project that is released to come out later this year. We experience God through other people. When everything is new in life, the waters are uncharted, or things are good or bad, others are often the carrier of God's presence to us. That has certainly been the case for Lana and I as we begin this new adventure. We're excited but grateful we're journeying together. I'm With You:

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